Thursday, December 24, 2015

#AdventWord #Receive

One of my dear ones stopped by my office earlier this week with a gift bag of surprise for me. There are things I will unwrap tonight, after Christmas Eve service, but she warned there was one thing in the bag that might have potential for breaking or spilling.

Being who I am and my predilection for fulfilling certain potentialities, I looked among the tissue paper and found this glass jar with water. The note tied to it explained that it was water gathered from Texas summer storms and blessed with salt and moonlight. There was one more line that was reflective of my sharing with her about what goes on in my spiritual direction sessions.

It is a decidedly specific gift that crosses spiritualities and beliefs. In this gift, she has given me not only something of herself but also something of myself.

This is sacred. This is holy.

What more could one hope to receive? 

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