Monday, December 21, 2015

#AdventWord #Experience

I've often said I'm an experiential theologian. I can only bear witness to what I've experienced. Granted, what I've experienced is colored and explained, to a point, by the theology under which I was raised.

I do know that what I experience and name "God" or "Holy Spirit" are what other people call by other names---if they have these experiences. I know people who would not name anything in their lives with words that would suggest anything having to do with religion. There are other people who move through the world along a spectrum of experiences and the naming thereof.

Me, I do like to touch things and have some concrete evidence. I also have a short list of instances that tell me that "concrete" isn't how the Spirit moves. Pneuma---breath, wind, spirit---is a little hard to wrap your fingers around, and yet I would testify that Pneuma has wrapped around me a time or two.

Give half a chance, I'd totally stick my finger into Jesus's wounds. I wouldn't hesitate. Not given that chance, I know Jesus calls me anyway. 

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