Sunday, April 24, 2016

Easter 29 Light

At the Easter Vigil, after we light the new fire and carry it into the church building, we chant:

Leader: The Light of Christ.
Congregation: Thanks be to God.

And this morning, I'm thinking of "light," it's various meanings.

Noun: The light of a new day.
Verb: Light the fire.
Adjective: Light as a feather.

I like how the adjective form does not immediately refer to being able to see or this mysterious thing that travels in particles and waves---and still we can say that dark days are heavy days, so not completely divorced from the idea.

I've had a weekend of thought provoking performances. Friday night was at The Alley Theatre and Lucas Hnath's The Christians. Saturday night was the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Both shed light on dark subjects, both had fire, both had lightness in the middle of heavy subjects. This morning, as I get ready to head to church, I'm feeling light with these reminders of the way live performance will lift me, illuminate my way, carry me forward on particles and waves.

The light of Christ!
Thanks be to God!

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