Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Easter 24 Imagination

Your everyday life is basically a product of imagination. Someone imagined the clothes you put on before you could buy them. Someone imagined the home you walked out of before you ever walked into it. The stop signs that regulate your travels were imagined before the first one ever appeared at an intersection. The work you do required some imagination, whether by you or someone before you, to set up the policies and procedures.

Imagination is the basis of everything we do, how we order our lives. There is nothing that is absolutely fixed if we can imagine it were otherwise.

In Easter, we're confronted with imagining that death is not the finality it appears to be. We are asked to imagine that the powers that wants to crush love, humility, and compassion won't have the final say.

Let us, we Images of God, begin anew to imagine a world with love, humility, and compassion. If we can't imagine it, it can't happen, just as your shirt, stop sign, or work procedure couldn't exist without having been imagined first.

Imagination is powerful. It is the very center of creation. Had God never imagined something called "light," there never would have been a sun.

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