Monday, April 18, 2016

Easter 23 Creativity

We are a species that puts things together.

We create by adding this and that together until we have a new thing. I don't know if any other species does this. If they do, it does not take away from what I'm trying to say.

We put items together until we have a sandwich or salad or quilt or shelter or sculpture or painting or performance or . . .

(The most my cat accomplishes is the opposite---he's adept at separating out the kibble he likes best.)

To some extent we are all creative. Some nurture it, some take it for granted. Some are more apt to innovate, others are content to copy the template.

In my Easter celebration, I think about this not only as the Image of God, but also as the Risen Christ. Creating is a sign of the Creator's likeness in us but then the Risen Christ comes along and tells us we are neither finite nor fixed.

The disciples did not recognize their resurrected lord. Jesus rose from the dead and he bore the scars of crucifixion, but something had changed.

Jesus died on the cross, gave up his breath/spirit, but when God put them back together again, there was a new creation, unrecognizable and knowable.

What a mystery this creation is.

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