Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter 10 Enthusiasm

Here, on the tenth day of my "discipline of celebration," I confess my enthusiasm falters. One-fifth of the way in, I wonder, "what have I set myself up for? How long is it until Pentecost?"

But the word, enthusiasm, is telling here. In its Greek roots, we find en + theos or "in God." For the Greeks, to be enthusiastic meant to be inspired or possessed by a god. It suggested some ecstatic expression for the god or being enraptured by an inspired activity.

At the risk of letting my Eeyore-ness overshadow my celebration, I'm going to confess that today, my discipline of celebration is a quieter joy, a whispered "alleluia" rather than a shout. Sustaining a celebratory attitude is difficult for some of us, but trusting God is in this exercise, that God somehow inspired me to attempt it, I look at myself, my Eeyore-self,  and still proclaim with a crooked smile:

Christ is risen! Alleluia!

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