Thursday, April 7, 2016

Easter 12 Fecundity

Life begets life.

Every living thing has a means of reproducing its species, and in the multitude of life forms on this planet, how that reproduction takes place varies with remarkable diversity.

And then there are those of us who don't reproduce. Our fecundity lies in other life-giving ways.

I believe our very lives are generative and regenerative. We are a creative species and have produced endless libraries and galleries of literature and art. We make amazing buildings and sing songs that shape lives.

And we build relationships, some deeper than others, and some not as worth celebrating, it's true. But by and large, with the smallest of effort, we build relationships that give life and renew life. It's part of the human condition that is easy to forget or overlook. We are built for this. It's in our basic design.

It's easy to let go of this. All the counter-arguments to this notion are evident in daily news and personal lives.

But you---and I---are fertile in ways that doesn't mean babies. You---and I----are capable of new life.

Arise. Be amazed. Resurrect.

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