Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Seventh Day of Christmas 2013 New Year's Eve

Okay, so New Year's Eve isn't on the church calendar. The church's new year started a few weeks ago, on the first Sunday of advent.

But it is just before 11:00pm on New Year's Eve as I start typing this, and I do look back in wonder at the last year.

It started with big plans, got derailed by a health crisis, and am ending it in good health, and looking back at some gifts received in both my writing and performing endeavors. I have good friends, a good church, and a good arts community. There are challenges ahead, as always, most of them not anticipated, but this past year . . . well, taught me some things about rolling with it all.

We cannot know the future, but we make plans for it anyway. It's some kind of innate insanity we have as a species, a blessing of craziness, and however the new year unfolds, whatever adjustments we must make to the plans, it's going to be all right

Romans 14.8: If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord; so then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.

I think the lesson I learned most this past year is that I really believe this line from Paul. (And I don't believe every line from Paul!)

New Year's Eve is not on the church calendar, but for this year, at least, I'm calling it Thanksgiving Day.

Here's to a 2014 with many blessings and help for the hardships! 

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