Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 23 Shepherd #lutheranadvent

Today's theme was a challenge. The easy interpretations weren't in my path today, and even when I thought of trying to find maybe a school bus, schools are probably all closed for the holiday and no buses are running.

Out for a walk this evening, I was approaching the fire station down the street from me and I started to think maybe firemen are a type of shepherd, all of us the sheep under their watch. As I got out my camera, a siren flared up and an ambulance was pulling out---you can see the blur of it on the left edge.

Some parallel with the shepherd who goes out after the one who is lost may stretch the parable . . . or I just expanded my notion of the spiritual shepherd. After all, a spiritual shepherd is only useful if there are shepherds looking out for our physical well being, too.

I'm okay with this photo. I think it pretty much works for the theme.

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