Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 21 Gift #lutheranadvent

Today's theme, Gift, overwhelmed me a bit. There is much in every moment that I find to be a gift (even if my attitude, moment to moment, does not reflect this). I've become aware enough of the world beyond my immediate surroundings to know that I live in crazy abundance.

I might have taken a picture of my cat, here at arms length, who I consider a gift. I thought of taking a picture of my empty, cupped hand, an image that felt almost right, but I couldn't really explain. Had I seen friends today (or thought of it when I did see a few friends), I could have taken pictures of them, as I am gifted with many good people in my life. I might have taken pictures of books, CDs, any number of things that have been a gift to me and my journey through life.

Finally, with nothing else to consider, I went out into my apartment complex parking lot and pointed my camera up and whipped to the side as I pressed the shutter button. I'm trying to connote "everything." It's all a gift and it all goes by in a blur.

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