Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fifth Day of Christmas 2013

Random events of my day.

1. Woke up this morning to dreams induced from worry about a young woman from my church who is in the hospital due to being the victim of a violent crime. The dreams really had nothing to do with praying, but for some reason my first thought was that it felt like I'd been praying all night. I suppose that is possible.

2. Missed my bus for church but got there in time for the Eucharist, so I'm told that counts. It also counted that I got to sign the get well card for the young woman.

3. Had lunch with friends after church, some of whom were heading to the hospital with the card afterwards. This young woman is in ICU and while doing miraculously well, also has serious injuries and can only have limited visitors---her mother being the ongoing default visitor, of course. So we're visiting via cards, prayers, and representatives.

4. Went for a walk this evening and found this poster on a light pole:

God and Karma are after these thieves, with one of the Ten Commandments to back it up. I hope she gets her trailer and its contents back. Maybe posting this picture here will help.

5. Someone using the name Rudolf Bultmann sent me this private message on Facebook: "You are self-righteous, arrogant, and judgmental. You so full of yourself." I've never had a message from a dead theologian before, but he seems to know me. I guess being dead gives you insight. (I think I know the source of this. It is both deserved and ironic, all at once.)

Not exactly five golden rings, is it? But Prayers, thanksgiving, and insults from dead theologians leaven the terror of street violence. Somewhat. 

I would ask your prayers for Chris and her family. This is hard stuff. 

That's all I have today.

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