Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 22 Angel #lutheranadvent

I've come to think of "angel" in terms of "God's messenger" (as opposed to "guardian" or somesuch), so I began to think on places where God's message comes to me. Since this word was the word of the day on a Sunday, I thought of this as I heard the lessons of the day read from this lectern. Yes, I thought, this is the site of revelation, where the word from the Lord comes with regularity. So after the service, I ran up to take this picture. I even got there before the acolytes and got the four advent candles burning.

I hasten to add with real surety that this is not the only site of God's revelation. Had "angel" come on a weekday, I might have taken any number of pictures of places and things that bring God's message to me. But this lecturn---and countless others around the world---is where angels stand weekly. and sometimes more often, to bring us revelation. This seemed right today.

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