Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blue Winter New

I do not like winter and it's more than the cold, which everyone who knows me knows I don't like.

This winter, the blues have been more than blue than usual. Or maybe I'm paying attention to them more. Talking back to them more. But I'm not here to unpack that tonight.

What drew me to my keyboard and blogger page tonight is a hopefully short and to the point proclamation/witness/word of hope.

I think part of what keeps me Christian is that we don't deny death. It's central to our story. We call it the last enemy and we laugh at it and we lament it. We do not deny grief or loss or the agony of losing our breath/spirit.

I'm mindful tonight that we are an Easter people. Everyday brings little deaths and everyday brings little resurrections. Sometimes big deaths, too. Sometimes slow resurrections. Qualify it every way you can, but we believe that a life in this Christ is a life that continually makes things new.

Winter is passing. New life is waiting underneath. Arise.

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