Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maundy 2013

Dirty feet.



Deny Jesus later, but you won't be able to deny these things. They are too real, too sensual.

The idea of a king is ephemeral, slippery, hard to hold.

Take your neighbor's foot and wash it.

Share some bread. Drink some wine.

These actions are solid.

Friends, students, teachers . . . relationships are hard, changeable, deniable.

Remember the wine. Remember the bread. You can return to them.

You'll remember like it was the first time, before the denial.

Your feet were touched by the image of God, as the image of God.

These things will stay with you, come back to you like your favorite scent.

Your dirty feet carry you this far, far enough to be touched, washed, served, loved.

Bread and wine will carry you through the night, through the denial.

The denial, this is not really happening.

You bet your life it is.

(With a nod and/or apologies to Tori Amos.)

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