Friday, March 29, 2013

Good 2013

There are things you can't control.

The love you have. The anger you feel. Sometimes they spill out.

You love the wrong people. You get angry at the wrong people. You speak the truth to both.

The Reign of God is among you.

You can't control the need to say so.

Love the wrong people and give them hope.

Make the wrong people angry and they're confronted with how paltry their power really is.

You can only tell them the truth.

You can't control what they do with it.

This isn't how you would like things to go.

You'd just as soon kept on traveling, preaching, touching, healing.

You can't control everything.

Having given us hope, fulfull our every wish.

Having made us angry, you forced our hand.

You can't control everything.

Neither would you be controlled.

You were a problem to be solved.

You had to be taken care of, taken out.

For good.

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