Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ELCA Churchwide Assembly---Next Week

I've made no secret of it: I'm Lutheran. Next week, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America will be holding it's Churchwide Assembly. Like every organization these days, money will be discussed. Budgets and the like (but then, that's always up for discussion at Assembly). Also on the floor:

---A malaria initiative to combat the disease with other organizations.

---A proposal for full communion with the United Methodist Church.

---Consideration for a social statement about justice for women.

---Funding an HIV and AIDS strategy.

---A statement on human sexuality.

---A report and recommendation on Ministry Policies (mostly having to do with GLBT clergy)

All this an more will be discussed in Minneapolis. The ELCA webpage has a pretty easy-to-navigate page for learning all about these things. Click here to look around.

I have little to say about these things just now, except to raise up the Assembly in thought and prayer. Prayers for the voting members and other participants are important as they prepare to travel.

This is going to be an emotional one for me. I know I will be weeping no matter what happens.

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  1. Sexuality discussions are hard. But thank you for posting all of the other topics. And some of them made me so proud of my church! I was proud when I heard the denomination come out as having AIDS. I was so proud of our vote for the malaria inititive. And in discussing a statement on justice for women- we do some things right here.