Friday, April 14, 2017

Good 2017

You loved without letting us off the hook.

That's what got you hanged, really.

You couldn't just support us no matter what, couldn't let us enjoy our power and wealth without noticing, without pointing out that there people all around us suffering want.

That really made us angry.

And yet, you really loved us. You met with us at night when meeting with you in daylight felt dangerous. You healed us, our family, our lovers. You had compassion, even when we tore the roof off to get to you.

You taught us that such love and compassion was true wisdom.

Honestly, as messiahs go, you were kind of a disappointment. We wanted a little more fire. You could have stood to have a little less courage and little more sensible fear. Strategy.

Remember how we cheered and laughed when you let the scribes and pharisees have it? Whitewashed tombs! That was a good one!

But you were no good at building a coalition behind you. Herod found a way to work with the Romans. You needed a sponsor. Some of us think that if you'd gotten to Pilate first, he could have been brought around to protecting us.

But you couldn't do it. So there you are, on a cross. We don't know what to do next. We worry they're going to come after us now.

All this while you're up there, letting everyone off the hook because they don't know what they're doing.

Great time to start, Jesus.

Great time to start.

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