Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Queer Christmas Day Twelve

I said when I started blogging this season that I didn't have a plan. Coming to the last day, I find that is more true than ever.

Even as I typed that, I began to wonder if we like plans too much. We either try to control every step of our way or we turn loose completely of all control and trust "God's plan."

I suppose that's why, as I mentioned earlier in the season, that I like Mark's gospel the best. You get a sense that Jesus is up to something, knows what he's about to a certain extent, but also that things get caught up in all this trouble with the Roman and religious authorities and the next thing you know, he's sweating blood in a garden, asking for this "cup" to be taken from him. (Really, compare Mark's Jesus and John's Jesus on this. John's Jesus is so much more certain, and almost mocks the notion of avoiding his crucifixion. "This is why I came!" But I digress.)

I've jumped straight to lent, haven't I . . . .

Christmas. Day twelve. I have no twelve drummers drumming or even a single little drummer boy to offer today.

If you look over my blog, over the years that I've typed in here, you'll see, I think, that I basically have two main points that I make over and over.

One: You and every human you meet is the Image of God. You are a miracle, a sign of God's infinite variety of expression. No one is quite like you and it is the thing in you that is different that makes you holy. No matter what anyone says, if they're not telling you that you bear holiness in your being, they are lying to you.

Two: The Reign of God is at hand. It is right here. From Jesus' preaching, we don't need to think that in the Reign of God that there are no hungry people, no grieving people, no poor people, but that in the Reign of God, they will be fed, they will be comforted, they are inheritors of something greater than riches. What's more, there are peacemakers, there are merciful ones, there are even a few that are pure of heart. There are times when all of these are one person, maybe not all at once, but there are moments. This is when the Reign of God breaks in. It is as near as feeding a hungry person.

These are the miracles that the world needs right now. More than virgin births and midnight angel choirs and a star brighter than all the others in the night sky, we need these miracles of kindness, compassion, sharing.

This is as much of a plan as I have to offer: Be a part of Christ being born anew, everyday, into a world that needs Christ as much as ever.

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