Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Remembrance and Retreat (Tuesday of Holy Week 2015)

I disrobe. I'm underground, in flickering light. It's a few steps down into a pool of water. I'm going to drown. This priest will help.

Underwater, held there, I panic. I'm dying while the priest's muffled voice speaks in trinity.

Then I'm raised up, gasping, alive. I step up, out of the pool. There is chanting. A white linen garment enfolds my body.

Everything changes, dissolves into a garden. It is night. There is my Lord, arrested. A crowd surrounds him, weapons in hand.

Some turn to me. They know I am with him. They grab me, I twist away, leaving them with hands full of white linen. I run.

Everyday, I remember my promises. Everyday, I run away naked as the day I drowned.

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