Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ninth Day of Christmas 2014

Just to briefly follow up on yesterday's post about the naming of Jesus.

It occurred to me that the the Incarnation has a name. The law-giving cloud on the mountain avoided the question of naming.

Of course, a baby needs a name, of course the cultural environment of the Moses story and the Jesus story have some big differences that would influence them.

But as a bit of eisegesis, I'm going to go with the notion that the naming of the Son of God is not so much a elevation of the Christ, but further evidence that our fleshiness, our incarnational aspect, is important, not only because God took on flesh and lived among us, but God also took on a name.

Maybe put another way, God taking on a name is just another moment of humility from the God who will not lord godly power over us, but pour out the godliness, becoming like us, taking on a name that gave other people power over the Messiah.

I'm just musing, not making a dogmatic statement.

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