Monday, October 22, 2012

Of Elijah and Legacies

(Clearing out clutter, came across this bit of doggerel written on a church bulletin from the Thirteenth Sundy after Pentecost (August 10, 2008). It's written in response to the Old Testament lesson, I Kings, chaapter 19, starting at the 9th verse. It's just an example of how I argue with Scripture.)

Why are you here, asked God
I am alone--no one is with me, said Elijah
And God gives him no compatriots
Only heirs
And violent murdering heirs at that.

God, if violence is my legacy
Give me no heirs
If those who come after me are charge to kill
Forget it.
Forget me and leave me out of it.

Except Elijah heard God in silence
Not in wind, earthquake or fire
In silence--but not in peace?
Elijah heard
An oracle I reject

In peace, let us pray to the Lord
Lord have mercy on those
Elijah's heirs would kill
In peace
Come to us now.

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