Monday, September 12, 2011


It surprises me more than a little, but I've actually been asked about the lack of new posts here.

Kinda makes me feel missed and stuff.

It has been two months since I posted here. There have been similar "quiet periods" in this blog's history, and I've never even attempted to be any kind of regular with the postings (except, maybe, during some liturgical season, perhaps---and then I think I've always failed).

This one has been a little different in that I'm not exactly without things to say, but I am without much nice to say.

Which is to say, my current relationship with church (the institution) is a bit on the rocks lately. And while that doesn't necessarily have much to do with a relationship with God---well, it kind of does, actually. You can't have a relationship with the Head of Christ without the Body of Christ. Well, I guess you can. It's just awkward. If not unnerving.

Anne Lamott has said that if it happens to you, it's yours, and you can write about it. If the people involved don't like it, they should have behaved better. (I'm paraphrasing or else I'd put it in quotes.) I'm not quite there with that sentiment, despite sort of going with it recently with some things I wrote for a dance film I worked on for Frame Dance Productions. I prefer writing fiction for a reason.

So, my silence here is the result of not wanting to write screeds and diatribes. It comes from not desiring an unfair advantage of having a forum where others do not (although this blog is hardly a huge forum---then again, I'm not particularly interested in dueling blogs, either). I do still believe in kindness, grace, mercy, edification, and loving those you really want to smack. Ranting doesn't help much. And, besides, that's what private dinners with close friends are for.

So . . . yeah. For now, a silence. I've come close to breaking it a couple of times recently. Maybe I will sooner than later. I just thought that since I was asked, I might explain.

However opaque and/or oblique that explanation may be.


  1. Even though I hadn't got around to asking, I've meant to. Thanks for answering.

    (Sorry; I'm too tired to even consider the tense problems in that sentence.)

  2. "an unfair advantage of having a forum where others do not"

    Ya know, it's not like you got elected president, or even have an op ed column in the New York Times (or even the Houston Chronicle). Even were that the case, I'd urge you to use the forum you had,

    But it's a *free blog*. It's the Internet. Anyone can have a forum here. Including some seriously whacked out people, mean people, all kinds of people. So, whether you fell into a trap or it's just an excuse, I don't buy it.

    Just write. It's one of the things you do. Feel free to use fiction; we won't mind either way. You don't have to name names...