Thursday, December 10, 2009

Keeping Chist out of the Holiday Sales

To follow my last post, briefly . . .

I'm not hearing much in the way of people picketing and threatening boycotts because this or that store is calling something a Holiday Sale instead of a Christmas Sale. I suppose we've finally hit a tipping point of real problems that has such complainers busy elsewhere.

But while I'm musing, this Advent season, on my complicated relationship with capitalism (and hence, my job), I'd just like to say:

I'm perfectly fine with "Holiday Sales." And this isn't so much about being all warm and fuzzy about respecting other religions' winter holidays (although I do try to respect other religions' winter holidays).

It's really about using Christ as a marketing tool. And I'm against it.

If, as the above-referenced complainers might say, we want to keep Christ in Christmas, then let's do something about the crushing poverty that puts babes in modern-day mangers. Let's see about fulfilling the angel's song about peace and good will to all. Let's see about coming to adore him, Christ the king.

But making sure Christ is on a storefront's sale sign? I'm sorry, but that feels like pushing blasphemy.

Just saying.

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  1. I totally agree. It's an embarassment to have Christ associated with anything related to this 3 month buying extravaganza. And yes, would go so far as to consider it blasphemy too. The irony is the liturgical season of Christmas is only 12 days, and it starts on December 25.